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If My Child Squints Do They Need an Eye Exam?

Posted in 'General' on February 1, 2015 by Stuart Macfarlane

If My Child Squints Do They Need an Eye Exam?


Time and again we, as professionals, get asked this question. "If my child squints, do they need contacts or glasses?" Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to this question. As someone that wants everyone to see with 20-20 vision I strongly urge parents to bring their children in for an eye exam even if they are not squinting. As parents, we sometimes get caught up in our own lives and we do not notice some of the things our children are doing.

 In fact, we are often told that teachers or babysitters are the ones that first see that a child is squinting when they are trying to read something far away or close up. Most people have probably seen a movie in which a child is struggling to read the chalkboard or blackboard from the back of the room. The child may be struggling in school or a particular class for no other reason than they cannot see what the teacher or professor is writing down.

 Rather than having your child go through these tough times it is best to get a yearly eye exam. Even if your child had 20-20 vision during the last exam it does not mean their vision is not going to change. In fact, during the first 15 years of a life, the vision of a human being changes the most. This is why LASIK eye surgery is not available to children. LASIK eye surgeons recognize the eye continues to change, grow or adjust all the way up to age 18 and sometimes all the way into ones 20's.

 If you want to know if your child needs glasses the best way to find out is to bring them to a professional. There are plenty of eye charts that you can print out online but a professional optometrist knows how to administer the proper tests to determine what types of eyeglasses or contacts are needed for a correction of vision. Hopefully your child does not have vision impairment but you can alleviate a lot of stress by bringing them to an optometrist sooner rather than later.

Getting behind in school because of vision is not what we want any child to go through. The investment of glasses and/or eye exams will be well worth it as it can help your child stay ahead when it comes to academics and school work. If you would like to schedule an eye exam for your child today please feel free to use this page.

What Type of Sunglasses Does Adam Scott Wear?

Posted in 'General' on February 1, 2015 by Stuart Macfarlane

What Type of Sunglasses Does Adam Scott Wear?


One of the most popular Australian athletes is professional golfer Adam Scott. Scott has won The Masters golf tournament and has been ranked as high as #1 in the world over the last two years. When fellow Aussie Steve Williams started to caddie for Adam Scott his professional golf career took off. Williams had previously been the caddie for none other than Tiger Woods. It was quite a dramatic switch that ended up great for Adam Scott.


One of the most recognizable features of Adam Scott happens to be his sunglasses. Below is a photo of the famous Oakley Sunglasses

Adam Scott Oakley Sunglasses 


Please note that we sell prescription Oakley sunglasses so if you are looking for something similar please feel free to check out our sunglasses page. You can also contact us if you would like more information about the prescription sunglasses we have. Not all strengths of prescription lenses will fit into this particular frame so we encourage you to give us a call or stop by today.


If you would like to know more about getting the correct prescription sunglasses to improve your golf game make sure to check out our eye blog. Instead of staring into the sun on those short iron shots and hurting your eyes it would be best to make the investment of prescription sunglasses today. There is a reason most professional golfers wear sunglasses while they are on the course. We strongly suggest you consider doing the same thing.


Getting an eye exam prior to purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses is strongly suggested. Even if your vision has not changed in the last two or three visits you never know when you may need a different prescription. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to set up an eye appointment. We can discuss prescription sunglasses at the same time we discuss any type of adjustment needed in prescription eyeglasses.



Why prescription sunglasses are essential

Posted in 'General' on February 1, 2015 by Stuart Macfarlane

Any golfer with prescription glasses has been there. Should I get prescription sunglasses or continue to fight the battle against the sun when I am out on the links? Most rounds of golf take between three and a half and five hours. During the spring, summer and fall months the majority of the time on the golf course is spent with the sun beating down on the tee boxes, fairways and greens. This can be brutal for anyone that has sensitive eyes.


At certain times of the day there always seems to be that one par 3 that looks directly into the sun. If you are wearing prescription eyeglasses it can make the sun even more powerful. Most people would simply look away as they carried on. You cannot do this because you are trying to hit a golf shot into the green. After addressing the ball and swinging you look up and the sun is staring you straight in the face. You do your best to shield out the sun but it does no good as your ball flight is right in the path of the sun.


Most of the time you have no idea where the ball went or your eyes are extremely photophobic. Rather than having to fight this battle on the golf course it is strongly suggested that instead order prescription sunglasses. They will be well worth the investment as you will not only enjoy your golf game more, you will save your eyes. We all know that staring into the sun is extremely dangerous so why not protect our precious eyes as much as possible.


There are a multitude of prescription sunglasses available for those that do not have perfect vision. Instead of hurting your eyes every time you try to look up at your ball flight it is suggested that you invest in prescription sunglasses today. While having prescription sunglasses during the summer months is desirable remember that the spring and fall months will have many days in which the sun is extremely bright on the horizon.


If you have any questions about getting prescription sunglasses or getting fitted for the correct sunglass frames for your face do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We have several options that could help your vision and your golf game. Make sure to check out our sunglasses page to learn more about what we have to offer. Some of the most popular brands include Oakley, Ray Ban and Espirit.

We also offer package deals if you are looking to purchase prescription eyeglass and prescription sunglasses at the same time. Learn more about these offers here.

Can my prescription fit in a stylish frame?

Posted in 'General' on February 1, 2015 by Stuart Macfarlane

If you have worn prescription eyeglasses your entire life you know just how much the styles have changed. In the 1980's and 1990's glasses with thin wire frames were very popular. As the new century rolled around Y2K brought in the trend of wireless or rimless frames. More recently, thick solid frames in dark colours have become more fashionable. No matter what your style it is important to understand what frames are available for your prescription.


Having a very strong prescription means the lenses will be thicker, all things considered. The latest technology we utilise has allowed us to offer aspheric and high-index lenses to make these as lightweight and thin as possible.  However, there are still some very strong prescriptions that are less suited for metal or rimless frames. 


We strongly encourage those with a stronger prescription to look at the new stylish thick frames. When watching movies from Hollywood or anywhere else in the world most people will immediately recognize these types of frames. You can find some of the options at our designer eyewear page. If you need advice on which frames look best on your face do not hesitate to come in and try on a specific frame type.

 Justin Timberlake Rayban

There are some stylish individuals that purchase frames without needing prescriptions. If this is something you desire we have those types of offerings. Stylish brands like Oakley, Ray Ban, Prada, SALT, Versace and Vogue are available today. Reach out to us at this page if you want to learn more about your options.

We currently have package deals that will help you save money if you are looking to purchase both prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses at the same time. Find much more about our package deals at this resource.